Friday, June 26, 2009


Check out this article where the Iranian Ambassador to Mexico accuses the CIA of shooting Neda, the Iranian woman seen around the World after being shot by Iranian snipers.

If you want proof that religion and government should have a permanent divorce, Iran is a shining, or dull, example. A country ruled by holy men with the sole purpose of controlling millions and subjugating half its population.

This election fiasco, and the subsequent clamping down on protests and, most importantly, press reporting, shows how truly out of touch and despicable the Iranian government is. If you want to test whether a government is inherently evil, ask them these questions (followed by the answers for Iran):

Do you let your people come and go as they please? NO
Do you let the press report freely? NO
Do you let your people worship in whatever way they choose? NO
Do you let your people choose not to worship? NO
Are women given the same rights as men? NO

I hope these protest galvanize into real change in Iran. I also hope that the people of the Middle East wake up to the fact that many of their religious leaders are manipulating them and stealing their futures.

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