Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tonight's The Night

Wipeout's new season premiers tonight on ABC. Trust me, if you haven't seen this program before, you will love it. Wannabe actors running through obstacle courses and eating shit never ever gets old.

Rest assured I will be giggling like a little kid tonight while watching people wipeout on the Big Balls.

Also, So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight and tomorrow. I never thought I would watch something like this but thankfully Rachel showed me the way. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better program than American Idol. It's unreal what some of these dancers can do. I think my groin pulled itself (that sounded questionable) at least three times last week watching the premier.

Check them out.

I Highly Reccommend Picking One Up

Look, Cameron's house is for sale.

Credit goes to Headline News for finding this story.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do Yourself a Favor

And check out Wipeout on ABC next Wednesday, May 27. It's one of the funniest shows on TV. If you like MXC and/or America's Funniest Home Videos you will LOVE Wipeout. I can't get enough of this show. It's like watching an episode of Jackass without all the homoeroticism, not that there's anything wrong with that...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mmmmm...Sharia Law...

Sounds like someone should slap him. I say we pass a ruling that allows us to slap Saudi judges who define 50% of the population as property of the other 50%.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nest Step, White Castle

I am elated that Little Ceasars has returned to Bloomington-Normal. It's been far too long. Next restaurant we need is White Castle. I can't imagine they wouldn't thrive here, especialy with all the college students from Chicago.

Funny story, Rachel and I were driving on Veteran's Parkway on our way to Menards the other day when I saw the billboard for Little Ceasars. I started yelling and Rachel thought we about to get hit only to laugh once she found out what I was screaming about. Thankfully it wasn't a billboard for White Castle or we would have ended up in a ditch.

I'm Shocked

Police corruption in Texas? I'm shocked. This has shaken my perception of Texas to the core.

By the way, wasn't this the plot for two or three cheap movies in the 70's? I seem to remember a movie, or was it a TV show, where some corrupt sheriff with mirrored sunglasses unjustly jailing truckers to steal their payloads.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Get Off My Lawn!

How many of you have had the "Oh my, I really am an adult now" moment? You know, one of those instances where you turn into one of your parents? This isn't to say that I haven't realized I'm an adult until now.

This past weekend I had a very definitive "adult" experience. Rachel and I were sitting in the living room easing into our day when I heard a ruckus (a sure sign of adulthood when you use words such as ruckus) across the street. As many of you know, our house is behind an eye clinic. At this clinic there is a fenced off rear entrance (so we can't see what is really going on in there...). From behind this fence I can hear several kids messing around hitting things. So, I go outside to see what these future fry cooks are doing. Once I step on the porch 3 boys (of course) around the age of 7 emerge from the fence. I was just going to stand there and watch them leave but they forced my hand. Right then they all picked up handfuls of river rock and started throwing them, including at each other.

At this moment my Dad entered my head and I yelled, "You kids knock it off. Put down those rocks right now!" They all turned with a look on their faces I imagine I displayed at that age MANY times. Much to my delight, one of them took off like the cops were coming (perhaps preparing for the future?), one walked away defiantly (I'm sure I'll see him many many times in the coming years), and the last shuffled off stealing sheepish glances while slowly letting go of the rocks.

I come back in the house to see Rachel giggling, to which I responded, "When did I become to grumpy man on the street?".

This was after we were awoken at 7am by our lovely neighbor's dog who they left outside in the rain. It was also after I screamed out the window, "Put your dog inside" and "It's raining, let your dog in!"

I look forward to keeping Frisbees and sports balls that enter my yard.